The term “real estate” was first introduced during the Roman Empire. Now it is used all over the world, and we can hardly imagine an economic sector that has nothing to do with it.
     Real estate is the unity of two objects: land and buildings or structures. The first is natural object and the second are man-made.
     According to the Civil Code, real estate shall be considered land parcels, subsoil parcels, separate water objects, forests, perennial plantings, underground and above-ground buildings, structures and other property fixed to land, namely objects that are impossible to separate from land without damage to that property or land parcel or without change, termination of their purpose or impossibility of their further use by designated purpose.

     Valuation of real estate is a specific area of professional activity and is at the same time a necessity in carrying out almost any real estate transaction – from purchase and sale of real estate and investment projects to property investment in the authorized capital of a legal entity.
     Valuation of real estate is a complex process that requires adequate knowledge, the work of highly qualified professionals, based on the principles and methods of valuation. Valuation of the market value of real estate is the most popular type of appraisal that is primarily carried out for the following functions:

  • real estate investment in a legal person’s charter capital,
  • real estate acquisition,
  • revaluation of fixed assets,
  • real estate insurance,
  • accounting of organizations,
  • transfer of property to trust management,
  • mortgage loan,
  • state- or community-owned real property acquisition,
  • real estate acquisition (taking real estate) for state or municipal needs,
  • investing property in funds,
  • sale as a result of confiscation,
    and in many other cases.

   We offer the following services:

Valuation the market value of an real estate,
Valuation other than definition of the market value of an real estate:

  • assessment of investment value,
  • assessment of utilization value,
  • assessment of liquidation value,
  • assessment of reproduction value,
  • assessment of replacement value,
  • assessment of reproduction or replacement residual value,
  • value-in-use,
  • assessment of rental rate at market value,
  • assessment of the market value of right of use,
  • assessment of the market value of construction permits,
  • assessment of insurance value.

        We carry out valuation in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia, the RA Law on Real Estate Valuation, the Real Estate Valuation Standard of the Republic of Armenia, and the provisions of the International Valuation Standards (IVS).