The notion of vehicle includes means of transport, water and air vehicles.
A means of transport is a vehicle for transportation of passenger, cargo or equipment, including motor vehicles, trailers, mopeds and other vehicles.
     Our experience shows that valuation of motor vehicles is the most often needed type of valuation, as they are widespread and are operated in different economy sectors.
     Motor vehicles are cars, trucks and special purpose vehicles, trains, self-propelled vehicles, buses, trolleybuses, trams, all types of tractors and other motor vehicles. Water and air vehicle valuation is carried out taking into account their characteristics, the formulated markets and changes in them.

     Every country has its own market of motor vehicles, while air and water vehicle market is not limited to the domestic market (some countries even have no domestic market of such vehicles). In this case, by market price we mean the cost of the vehicle in regional or international market.

     Water vehicles are freight, passenger, research, specialized, service ships that are designed for people, cargo transportation, as well as for various professional activities. Air vehicles are flight vehicles that remain in the atmosphere due to interaction with the air, which is different from the interaction with surface of land or water. According to their intended use, aircrafts are classified into three groups: civil, state and experimental aircrafts.

Valuation of vehicle market value is mostly necessary for the following functions:

  • investment of vehicles in the charter capital of a legal person,
  • investment planning,
  • revaluation of fixed assets,
  • write-off of fixed assets, when their further exploitation is impossible or unreasonable (depending on their depreciation)
  • purchase and sale transactions,
  • pledge,
  • when entering into tenancy or lease agreements,
  • insurance; and so on.

     Our organization carries out vehicles valuation in compliance with relevant provisions of the International Valuation Standards (IVS).