The majority of companies have equipment as capital assets on their balance sheet. Therefore, the need arises in the company over time for their valuation or revaluation.

     “AVYAN” LLC provides independent valuation and revaluation of any type of equipment. Our specialists carry out inspection of machine tools, vehicles, powertrains, assembly lines, computer equipment, special devices and other equipment and examination of their state of repair, as well as estimation of their market or other value.

     The market value of equipment is estimated for the implementation of the following functions:

  • investment of equipment in the charter capital of a legal person,
  • investment planning,
  • revaluation of fixed assets,
  • write-off of fixed assets, when their further exploitation is impossible or unreasonable (depending on depreciation),
  • purchase and sale transactions,
  • equipment collateral,
  • when entering into tenancy or lease agreements,
  • insurance and so on.

    Equipment is part of movable property, therefore equipment valuation is carried out in accordance with the provisions of movable property valuation.
    Unlike other types of valuation, equipment valuation is the most varied type of valuation, as it incorporates valuation of both wide-spread and highly specialized and unique equipment. The market of some types of equipment is very specific. These types include mostly devices and equipment that have a limited number of users and are not sold on the open market: for example, mobile communication equipment, navigation equipment, special equipment used in mines, turbines for hydroelectric plants, generators, etc.

    The meaning of equipment is very broad: it includes a number of devices, from computer equipment to assembly lines and machines, as well as,

  • cars,
  • technological systems and production lines,
  • special devices,
  • construction equipment and machinery,
  • commercial equipment,
  • computer equipment,
  • office equipment,
  • household appliances,
  • powertrains,
  • instruments and so on.

       Our company carries out equipment valuation in accordance with the provisions of International Valuation Standards (IVS).