A company’s effective management, the right strategy development requires an understanding of the assets owned by the company, their condition, what is their remaining service life and the costs needed for the smooth continuation of the company’s activity. The solution of the above stated problems and ensuring the reliability of the company’s accounting requires professional inventory of the company’s fixed and intangible assets, inventory count.

     Inventory is the method of checking what fixed assets the company has by comparing actual data with those reflected in accounting documents.

      We carry out professional inventory, using the latest technologies and modern inventory methods.

     During fixed assets inventory our experts label each of them with a special label. Each label reflects the company name, the fixed asset name, the inventory number and the special number code.
     The special code contains the full information of the asset: the name, value (initial, net assets value, residual), date (of the acquisition, construction, and operation), technical condition, location and other information necessary for the customer.
     The company’s further internal inventory, as well as the control of fixed assets in the result of fixed assets inventory and labeling is carried out using any smartphone or tablet to which our experts download a free application.
     In fixed assets labeling we use polyamide labels that are resistant to chemical, acid, oil, alcohol, and water impact, have use temperature of -40 up to +190 ° C and a long service life.

     Labeling of fixed assets makes the company’s future internal inventory easy, simple, saves time and human resources and allows controlling the flow of fixed assets.

     For each order of inventory we develop inventory methodology corresponding to the scope of the client and carried out the inventory activities in accordance with the provisions and regulations of the methodology.

During fixed assets inventory our experts:

  1. check the existence of each fixed asset,
  2. check the existence of technical documentation and the condition of fixed assets,
  3. an inventory number is developed for each fixed asset,
  4. if necessary, fixed assets units are registered separately or combined,
  5. assess the technical condition of fixed assets,
  6. calculate the remaining service life of the fixed assets depending on their technical condition,
  7. take photos of the fixed assets and attach them to the corresponding database,
  8. check and verify the following parameters of the fixed asset:
  • name,
  • inventory number,
  • date of issue (construction),
  • date of acquisition, operation,
  • location (registered address of fixed asset),
  • model, type,
  • capacity, size, quantity, weight,
  • factory number,
  • specification of other parameters depending on the type of the fixed asset,
  1. find and record surplus and deficit, if any,
  2. and label each fixed asset with a special label.

We carry out inventory in compliance with the relevant provisions of:

  • the LAW of the RA on ACCOUNTING,
  • the decrees of the RA Finance Minister on Defining the Procedure and Dates of Mandatory Inventory of Assets and Liabilities of the Public Sector Organizations of the Republic of Armenia,
  • International Accounting Standards.

Our professional team has extensive experience in the field of inventory services.