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Rafik Mashadyan, First Deputy Chairman of RA State Revenue Committee, granted the Law-Abiding Taxpayer certificate to AVYAN Company. Since the beginning of 2018 up to now, 94 entities have filed an application for the Law-Abiding Taxpayer certificate, 75 of which have been granted. The lists of economic entities having a law-abiding taxpayer certificate are published on the official website of the tax authority, in section “Tax Information”, sub-section “Taxpayer Information Lists”.

The 2nd International Forum of Appraisers on the topic “Appraisal Activity: Key Trends and Perspectives” took place in Almaty on October 27-28. The forum was organized by the National Association of Professional Appraisers and the Institute for Professional Appraisers of Kazakhstan.      Delegations from Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Russia participated in the conference. The participants discussed the steps and programs aimed at the regulation of appraisal activity and improvement of professional appraisal criteria in Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia.      The conference was organized with the support of the Association of Professional Societies “Eurasian Appraisers” and the pan-Russian non-governmental organization “The Russian Society of Appraisers”.Read More →

AVYAN LLC provides a variety of services of real estate and movable property valuation, consultation, management and accounting. In the relevant sections of our site you can get more detailed information about our services, the work done, as well as track market and legislation changes. We provide services for companies operating both in Armenia and abroad. By expanding our scope of services systematically, we create a platform for our partners where using our services they can get solutions to a number of interrelated issues at a time. We believe that reliable partners are one of the key factors of business development. Your confidence obliges usRead More →

AVYAN limited liability company was founded by professionals having many years’ experience in the valuation field. The company employs professionals with work experience in the fields of appraisal, accounting and management both in Armenia and abroad. The scope of their services included valuation of property, inventories, intangible assets, revaluation, inventory, consultation in mining, energy, communication, transportation, manufacturing and other industries. Thanks to the highly professional team, who have great potential, experience and knowledge, our organization is able to provide high quality services, to justify the confidence of our partners and acquire new partners. The company pays great attention to improving its employees’ knowledge. Through regular trainingRead More →

The word “valuation” has a very broad meaning. Literally it means opinion on the value of something. In our case it means defining the value of an object as of a specific date and for a specific purpose. Valuation means a set of activities aimed at estimating the value of the object resulting in the valuer’s reasoned report on the value of the object as of the date of valuation. Buildings and facilities, land, equipment, vehicles, intangible assets, enterprises as operating businesses and other assets can be appraisal objects. Need for valuation arises for carrying out the following functions: property investment in a legal person’ charterRead More →