The 2nd International Forum of Appraisers on the topic “Appraisal Activity: Key Trends and Perspectives” took place in Almaty on October 27-28. The forum was organized by the National Association of Professional Appraisers and the Institute for Professional Appraisers of Kazakhstan.

     Delegations from Armenia, Kyrgyzstan and Russia participated in the conference. The participants discussed the steps and programs aimed at the regulation of appraisal activity and improvement of professional appraisal criteria in Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, and Russia.

     The conference was organized with the support of the Association of Professional Societies “Eurasian Appraisers” and the pan-Russian non-governmental organization “The Russian Society of Appraisers”.

     The management of AVYAN Company expresses its gratitude to its partners from Kazakhstan for high-level organization and conduct of the 2nd International Forum of Appraisers.